LUYC 116: How to Finish Your Projects and Do Your Best Work with Charlie Gilkey


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Hey family! This week’s episode is the live interview from my workshop with Charlie GIlkey, logistics expert turned executive coach, author, and founder of Productive Flourishing. He’s here to talk about his new book, Start Finishing, and how you can finally finish all of those projects you’ve been wanting to dig into.

All great ideas don't matter. What matters is our execution, our ability to pull them into light, ship them in the marketplace, and make the difference that they are going to make.

Before becoming an executive coach, Charlie worked in the Army as a Joint Force Military Logistics Coordinator, where he mastered the skills of planning and strategizing. In his book, Start Finishing, he shares his expertise and the 9-step method to re-align your life with the things that matters most. Charlie believes that we’re all meant to do our best work, and a core piece of that is finishing what we start. The strategies in his book help creatives work through three major emotions that hold them back (overwhelm, exasperation, and regret) so they can live the life they want, do the work they love, and start finishing.

Episode Quotes

“The main thing that we have to focus on as creatives is not tasks, but projects.”

"For me, planning is a creative process; strategy making is a creative process."

"In the entrepreneurial world, poorly using your creativity costs you money."

"There's this very close tie between your creativity, your productivity, your focus and your revenue."

Listen to Learn

01:31 - Getting to know Charlie Gilkey, Rapid 5 Questions

04:05 - Charlie's entrepreneurial journey

08:06 - Why 'Getting Things Done' doesn't work for creatives

12:23 - Logistics expert turned executive coach

15:47 - Start Finishing - What it's about and who it is for?

18:12 - Start Finishing - Genesis of the book

20:13 - Coaching vs. Teaching

24:56 - Awesome things coming up from Charlie

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