Episode 238: Regan Walsh - Heart Boss. The Ultimate Voice of Authority


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Regan Walsh quit what she thought was her dream job after only a week. This earned her the nickname “One Week Walsh” and was the beginning of her journey to find more meaning in her life. Regan found a job where she worked more hours, but that she truly loved.

This is one of the many events in Regan’s life that inspired her book Heart Boss, a compilation of stories where she took action to turn the life she had been dreaming of into her reality.

Now, Regan is a Life Coach, a Speaker who roots fiercely for others, and a graduate of the Renegade Accelerator. She helps women who are asking “is this it?” reclaim their lives.

In this episode, Regan tells Amy Jo that we all deserve joy in whatever we do for the majority of our days. Regan says we shouldn’t punish ourselves by sticking in careers that no longer serve us. Working with powerful women everyday is what serves Regan.

Regan and Amy Jo also talk about having the courage to free yourself from obligations, having your own back, and telling your stories instead of containing them.

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