Truth Wanted 04.32 08-20-2021 with ObjectivelyDan and Secular Rarity


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In today’s episode of Truth Wanted! Objectively Dan is hosting with Secular Rarity. First up in the calls is Ken, who believes he had an encounter with a flirty, Victorian era ghost over forty years ago. When considering the validity of experiences like this one, we have to wonder how much our perception of them changes over time. More often than not our memory will fail us. Thanks for sharing your story, and let’s hope you’re not haunted again any time soon. Another caller out of Virginia, Joe, wants to discuss a familiar argument: Kalam Cosmological. More specifically, that everything which begins to exist has a cause. While we see this in the natural world, we’re not sure what happens outside of what we call time. Keep thinking on it, Joe. Daniel In Canada wonders how alien findings might affect our society. Would it unite us or bring mass chaos? How much is the government hiding about alien encounters? If there is evidence for extraterrestrial life, would we want to know? Be careful what you wish for! Kevin in Tennessee has some deep thoughts about existence and consciousness. Give us a moment while we process this abstract interpretation of reality involving various levels of fields representing multiple dimensions...or something like that! Are we simultaneously existing in both potential and kinetic states? We’ve definitely put our brains to work on this call, but we might not be any closer to concluding the truth. We’ll stay in the real world for now, Kevin. That wraps up tonight’s show. Thank you so much to our co-host, Secular Rarity for bringing your perspective to these important discussions. Remember to always keep wanting the truth! See you next week.

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