The Tao of Creation


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To learn the law of creation requires great knowledge, wisdom or even an enlightenment. Such knowledge is the gate to a higher level of consciousness. Taoism is an ancient knowledge and wisdom we can trace back 5000 years throughout Chinese history. The word "Tao" (Chin. 道) has many meanings such as; road, channel, path, or principle. We can understand that Tao is the force which keeps the universe balanced and ordered. Human’s goal is to become one with the Tao, to be synchronized with nature, and to achieve intuitive knowing of life through life experiences. If we follow the principles of Tao, in time we can achieve knowledge of effortless action - Wu Wei (Chin. 无为), and virtue - De (Chin.德). “Wu Wei” in fact represents knowledge of doing nothing and to let things take their own course, and understanding of human inner nature and compatibility to the greater universe. “De” is the term which means active living, or to practically follow inner nature of everything in accordance with the Tao. The Tao is eternal and infinite, without idea of “ego” or "self". The way humans see each other in self-observation and the way we project ourselves, in Taoism is considered as main cause of pain and sadness. It is believed that during process of self-awareness we have tendency to isolate ourselves from the others. Such experience ends up in illusions, that all organisms are individually separated and exclusive, and not part of the same world. Humans only see natural manifestations and end processes. As it is not possible to destroy ego, our main purpose is to follow universe patterns and the main source.



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