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I migliori podcast di TV (aggiornato Agosto 2020)
I migliori podcast di TV
Aggiornato Agosto 2020
Do you love watching TV? If you're a couch potato and want to get updates or hear conversations about your favorite TV shows, why not try binging on podcasts?! Podcasts can be your new source of info and entertainment. And listening to them is very easy — just connect your phone or computer to wi-fi and you can already stream podcasts. Won't be online for some time? No worries! Download those pods in advance so you can enjoy them even when offline. There's a lot of TV podcasts you can follow. In fact, there are hundreds of them — from podcasts about television in general, up to podcasts about Netflix and popular TV series like Game of Thrones, American Horror Story and Grey's Anatomy. It's also worth mentioning there are podcasts tackling on specific genres such as drama, reality TV and anime. And some podcasts will make you walk down memory lane with episode recaps and reviews about past shows like Smallville, X-Files and Gilmore Girls. Among these bunch of audio delights, we've collected the best ones for you. Seat back, relax and tune in to these top TV podcasts now!
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Seconda puntata del podcast di Quinto Potere. Il vostro racconto privilegiato sulla televisione americana narrato da un television junkie residente nel paese a stelle e strisce.In questa puntata si parla di ascolti, con uno sguardo alla prima settimana per I nuovi show, notizie varie ed eventuali e raccomandazioni per i programmi della settimana…
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