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Welcome to The Chris Garland Training Podcast! As well as blog and vlog posts (which you can find on our website), we're creating podcasts as well. Some will be 60 second long info blasts, while others will have interviews and reviews of the latest updates in the compliance training (First Aid, Food Safety, Fire Safety, Health & Safety, etc). So press subscribe today and let's get started!
In all the region of autobiography, so far as I know it, I do not know quite the like of Mr. Garland's story of his life, and I should rank it with the very greatest of that kind in literature. . . . It is the poet who sees the vast scale of human struggle with nature or the things she will withhold unless they are forced from her by man's tireless toil and mighty mechanism, and in the vision he knows a battle-joy as distinctive of this Son of the Middle Border as his fidelity to the sordid ...
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