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COINSHOW - новостной дайджест событий в мире криптовалют. Каждую неделю мы обсуждаем новости вместе с нашими гостями, составляем прогнозы и даем оценку текущему положению криптоотрасли.
99 Coins

99 Coins

BBC Worldwide

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99 Coins is your gateway into the world of indie gaming courtesy of BBC Worldwide. Take a guided tour through some of the most exciting and off-beat avenues of gaming today and hear the stories of the talented people creating them.
Money is an ever-present part of our lives, but its ubiquity doesn't make it any easier to understand! Breaking the Dollar is a podcast that uses fascinating stories and real-life examples to reveal valuable insights about investing, financial markets, gold and silver, and trends in our monetary system. Precious metals expert Everett Millman shares his unique perspective from nearly a decade of first-hand experience working in the industry.There are many fundamental questions about money we ...
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In this episode of Breaking the Dollar, Everett examines a fascinating historical anecdote about Mansa Musa, the king of the Mali Empire in West Africa during the late-13th and early-14th centuries. Was he really the richest man of his time? How much gold did Musa have? The story also brings up interesting points about the economics of gold as mone…
This episode picks up on the previous discussion of moral hazard, fraud, and accounting shenanigans on Wall St. Everett challenges the notion that small speculators and Robinhood traders are the cause of the problem. He wraps up by catching up on some questions from the audience.Di Everett Millman
A lot of outlandish frauds and comical ethical conundrums have been cropping up in the financial markets of late. Perhaps more concerning, this type of behavior on Wall St is becoming normalized -- especially with everyone distracted by covid-19. In this two-part episode, Everett walks through several of the most prominent cases of companies "gone …
One of the unexpected side effects of the coronavirus pandemic has been a lack of coins circulating around the economy. Pocket change is at a premium as many businesses remain closed and the United States Mint operates at limited capacity. This development lends itself to a related discussion: the long-overdue elimination of the one-cent coin, whic…
A prominent European hedge fund manager recently predicted that governments will soon seize their citizens' privately held gold in order to stave off a financial collapse. Is gold confiscation really going to happen again, like it did in 1933? Everett confronts this ever-present bogeyman and what it can teach us about the nature of how the governme…
For a decade, treasure hunters have been scouring the Rocky Mountains to find a chest full of gold and gemstones hidden there by an art dealer named Forrest Fenn. The treasure was finally discovered last month -- but only after many years of controversy. Find out more about the backstory of Fenn's treasure and why it stirred so much dissension in t…
Why on earth did the WTI crude oil contract price go deeply negative for one day in April? What does a negative oil price even mean? In this podcast episode, Everett explains what unusual dynamics in financial markets caused futures prices to trade in negative territory. He also provides some context about the tug-of-war between Russia, Saudi Arabi…
What will the Federal Reserve buy next? The central bank has been on a shopping spree of sorts in its effort to rescue the financial system. What exactly is the Fed buying? How does this raft of stimulus measures compare to the Fed's response to past crises? What are the implications for markets?Di Everett Millman
The 2020 presidential election has been heating up as we approach Super Tuesday. While it's important to put your political biases aside when investing, that doesn't mean you shouldn't pay attention to the campaigns for president and the race for the White House. This episode focuses on some of the election dynamics and possibilities that will impa…
There has been a great deal of news coverage of the coronavirus that originated in the Wuhan province of China. The virus's impact on markets has thus far been minimal, but Everett explains some of the risks it still poses for the global economy. From generating worldwide uncertainty to possibly upending Phase 1 of the trade deal, the affect on the…
The monetary experiments with zero interest rate policy (ZIRP) and negative interest rate policy (NIRP) continue to be overlooked as the "new normal." What are the intended—and unitended—outcomes of these unprecedented policies? In this episode, Everett summarizes the economic risks associated with persistently low and negative rates. He also exami…
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