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Shayna and Max spend the bulk of the episode discussing audience response to films, both in terms of box office hits and misses and why critics and audiences often have drastically different viewpoints of films. They take a deep dive into Damien Chazelle's Babylon.Di Max Timm & Shayna Weber
Sci-Fi & horror writer-director Christopher Hatton joins us to discuss a variety of topics including Edgar Allan Poe, Singapore spiritual beliefs, Area 51, his own terrifying ghost story & his newest movie: Shudder's paranormal mystery "Raven's Hollow."Di Max Timm & Scott Markus
With countless productions under his belt as an assistant director, Ted Campbell has always wanted to tell his own stories. Now, he's directing his own screenplays. He was also once an ISA Top 25 Screenwriter to Watch.Di International Screenwriters' Association
Max & Shayna talk about the pilot ratings from new fall broadcast TV season and other news including the big box office weekend from Black Panther. Creatively, they dive into the elements needed to make a scene really work & how they first got into screenwriting.Di Max Timm & Shayna Weber
Steve Feld is a multiple Emmy winner as a producer and has made major progress in his screenwriting career, winning Shoot Your Sizzle and being named an ISA Top Screenwriter to Watch. He has also turned heads in the festival circuit with his short films. Hear his advice for writers and his next goals in this chat with Shayna Weber!…
Screenwriters Jim Hart may be known for some modern classics like Bram Stoker's Dracula, Hook, Contact and may others, but it's also a witness to multiple strange events in the sky and stayed in an absurdly haunted house while in college.Di Max Timm & Scott Markus
Life-long Harry Houdini researcher John Cox join us to discuss the origins of Houdini's battles with fraudulent mediums, his odd death, the 'final Houdini seance,' and his time in Delavan, WI... all without getting stung by a single wasp!Di Max Timm & Scott Markus
Max & Scott dive into working on ghost hunting TV shows with producer and investigator MJ Dickson, who has looked into paranormal stories & haunted locations across the globe. Her fantastic story alone is worth tuning in for!Di Max Timm & Scott Markus
Max & Shayna love the new controversial (fictionalized) bio pic "Blonde," and discuss why it's so debated, while going over how to identify the production budget of your script. They also geek out over the new Hocus Pocus sequel and Rings of Power.Di Max Timm & Shayna Weber
Max & Shayna celebrate the 100th birthday of the Hollywood sign, discuss writing horror films with meaning, telling true stories that are also entertaining before thinking about their next vacations.Di Max Timm & Shayna Weber
Max & Shayna take a look a two big industry events: D23, Disney's announcement extravaganza, and the importance of the Toronto International Film Festival. They also discuss articles on the ISA web site, including the importance of subtext in writing & behind the scenes of the career of a lit manager.…
Documentarian Jay Bachochin enjoys hiking a vast wilderness in Wisconsin, but a number of unexplainable experiences there have opened his eyes to the nature of reality and what's possible in our known and unknown universe.Di Max Timm & Scott Markus
Max & Shayna respond to all of your comments & go over the big difference between festival films & popcorn flicks (Venice Film Festival Vs. Top Gun Maverick). The two fantasy nerds also discuss the Amazon Prime Lord of the Rings Series, The Rings of PowerDi Max Timm & Shayna Weber
Max & Shayna talk about the continued fallout of the Warner Discovery budget cuts, they provide some tips regarding the upcoming ISA Pitch Challenge and subject lines for query emails while also gearing up for National Cinema Day!Di Max Timm & Shayna Weber
Max & Shayna discuss the shakeup happening at Warner Discovery, the new less-is-more mandate at Netflix, confront rewriting fears, celebrate The Sandman & feel thankful they're not on the It's a Small World ride.Di Max Timm & Shayna Weber
Max & Shayna discuss a variety of topics ranging from the implications of the sale of the Golden Globes award ceremony to how and why you should prep for a general meeting. Plus, they share some shameful secrets and talk about a creepy moth.
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