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I migliori podcast di Peace Corps (aggiornato Agosto 2020)
I migliori podcast di Peace Corps
Aggiornato Agosto 2020
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A weekly podcast featuring short interviews with Peace Corps volunteers serving in Morocco. This is an informal and unofficial way to get to know our fellow PCVs better, to hear us share our stories, and to give us an additional opportunity to connect with one another through our service. Disclaimer: The content of this podcast is mine alone and does not necessarily reflect the views of the U.S. Government, the Peace Corps, or the Moroccan Government.
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You know him as one of the more mysterious members of our staj and someone who worked for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee before coming to Morocco, but do you know his favorite book recommendation or how he came to apply for the Peace Corps? Check out this week's interview to get to know Karl a little better. Enjoy!…
You know her as a member of the GAD committee and have seen her handle challenging discussions during hubs with poise, but do you know the phrase she uses to describe her experience growing up in the USA or what her favorite YouTube video is to share? Check out this week's interview to get to know Heyab-Mariam a little better. Enjoy!…
You've heard him tell stories about astronauts and speak passionately about politics, but do you know about his love for The Little Prince or his theory about what would happen if the world suddenly stopped turning? Check out this week's podcast interview to get to know Mike a little better. Enjoy!Special Note: The idea of starting a weekly podcast…
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