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Welcome the episode three of the “Teach Me How!” podcast. In this episode, Bob and Nate talk about HOW to play an elder. From inception to application, we give you strategies and books that you'll be able to utilize for portraying an elder.
An elder, for the uninitiated, is any vampire who has seen three or more centuries of unlife in the Vampire: the Masquerade World of Darkness. These creatures tend to be cold and monstrous, as well as selfish and covetous. They are some of the more challenging characters to play in the World of Darkness game setting.
Again, we wish to thank you over the holidays and we hope you enjoy these little hidden gems. You may notice some issue with the audio on these episodes. That’s because they are older than our current recordings. This episode was originally recorded April 15th, 2018.
Here are some further references that may help you play an elder vampire in the World of Darkness:
Elysium: The Elder Wars is the first and possibly only book dedicated to the idea, concept, and creation of the elder as a playable character. It’s an invaluable resource for anyone looking to play or run an elder chronicle, even though most of the actual rules and “crunch” are not applicable to a modern edition of the game.
Counsel of Primogen is another exceptional resource for playing the political games of elder kindred. While this book is not specifically about elders, it remains a solid reference for those that play elder games.
There are tons of other sourcebooks and novels that explore the machinations and melancholy of the elders. We also suggest reading books such as Prince’s Primer, The Beast Within, Book of the Kindred, and any edition of the Chicago by Night city book (there’s basically one for every version of the game.)

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