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If you think about it, we’re all involved in the world of real estate in one way or another.We all need a place to live. Whether we’re renting, sharing rooms with college buddies, looking to go into buying our first home, we’re looking to upgrade and climb the property ladder. Or maybe we’ve already been there, done that, and now we’re looking to downsize and find somewhere a little bit smaller and less maintenance. Welcome to The Behr Essentials, a podcast that is all about the world of property. Hosted by Dani Behr, The Behr Essentials was initially launched under La La Landed. Dani has branched out on her own and is going solo. With the launch of her solo podcast, Dani is excited to bring you a variety of experts who can offer some great advice, tips, and tricks, as well as some education on the world of real estate, especially in today’s unprecedented times. Dani has an extremely illustrious and varied career in the world of entertainment and real estate. At 14, she was signed to WEA to record her first album with her all-girl pop group. At 16, she was hosting her first TV show, “The Word,” which would become the highest-rated late-night show on UK TV, turning Dani into a household name and one of the most successful and popular TV stars with cult status. As a radio host, she had her own daily drive-time radio show on KISS FM. Over the next 28 years, Dani has hosted countless TV and radio shows for both the UK, US, and Canada and recently has been a contributing host at Fox Sports and She became a top voice-over artist with one of the UK’s most recognizable voices. She is notably the voice of Virgin Atlantic, BBC, and countless cartoons, commercials, video games, and corporate videos. As an actor, she has appeared on TV, film, and stage with veterans like Joseph Fiennes, Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Jane Fonda, and Oprah Winfrey, to name a few, and fortunate to perform at the Old Vic and Madison Square Gardens. She has since co-founded DANTAR Productions, a TV production company, with partner Tara Joseph, creating and producing unscripted and scripted formats for both the US and UK. Simultaneously, she is a real estate specialist and a licensed CA Realtor, having started her RE career flipping homes from the age of 16 buying, remodeling and flipping properties on both sides of the Atlantic. On The Behr Essentials, Dani will be answering questions that she gets asked a lot daily – questions like, “What does the market look like?” or, “Should I be renting or buying right now?” Get more knowledgeable about real estate so you can invest in things that you are comfortable with. There are a variety of real estate that you can get involved with. Whether you’re buying your first property or selling it to make some money, let Dani and her amazing guests guide you through the process and advise you accordingly. Listen to their stories and experiences – both their mistakes and their successes – and get some really good advice, education, and a touch of funny banter on your path to discovering the strategies for true wealth building. Start your journey into the world of real estate with a fun and informative inside look at America’s real estate market with tips, tricks, and advice from industry experts and friends of the show only right here on The Behr Essentials!

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