Astar & Shiden Network: A Multichain dApp Hub | Sota Watanabe | Polkadot Mini-Series


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Go to 00:20:05 to skip the Polkadot & Kusama overview and straight into Astar & Shiden. Polkadot could serve as the backbone of the future multichain ecosystem, but today, its relay chain only connects blockchains built on Substrate and does not inherently support smart contracts. Astar Network addresses this urgent need by building a smart contract platform for builders while connecting various Layer 1 blockchains (e.g. Ethereum, BSC, Solana): a dApp hub that is birthing projects such as multichain DEXes. In this episode, we provide an overview of Kusama & Polkadot before diving into the 3 main value propositions of Astar/Shiden Network: dApp staking, EVM & WASM compatibility, and the multichain dApp hub. 00:00:10 Introduction 00:02:31 Explanation of Polkadot: Layer Zero 00:03:43 Trends for Parachain Auctions 00:05:42 Sustainability of Crowdloan Returns 00:07:06 Crowdloans vs. ICO Speculation 00:09:42 Effective Strategies for Parachain Auctions 00:11:09 1-year bidding vs. Split & Collaborate 00:13:20 Bridging Kusama & Polkadot? 00:16:49 Community of Kusama vs Polkadot 00:20:05 Intro to Astar/Shiden 00:24:06 Building Journey: Surviving & Pivoting 00:25:44 Aim: From IPO to DAO 00:27:26 From IPO to DAO: Why 00:29:25 Differentiation between Shiden, Karura, and Moonbeam 00:33:36 dApp Staking 00:35:46 Challenges of dApp Staking 00:37:42 Mitigating Risk of dApp Collusion 00:39:12 Network Effects of dApp Staking 00:41:20 Egalitarian Benefits of dApp Staking 00:44:37 Tokenomics around dApp Staking 00:46:12 Types of Projects Expected on Astar/Shiden 00:48:06 Decentralized M&A System? 00:52:09 Integrating Web 2 00:53:09 Supporting WASM on top of EVM 00:56:05 Cross-virtual Machine: EVM & WASM Interaction 00:58:47 Shiden/Astar: A Scalable Multichain dApp Hub 01:01:02 Prioritisation of Chain Integration 01:02:54 Difficulty to Connect with Existing Rollups 01:04:02 Ease of Integration with Layer 2 Ethereum 01:05:52 Why Build a Bridge Themselves 01:08:52 Innovative Use Cases in Multichain Future 01:11:12 What's exciting in the crypto space for Sota 01:12:25 Shaping Culture in Web 3 - Away from Speculation Website: Twitter: Medium: The Web 3 Native podcast is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice. LongHash Ventures may own some of the positions mentioned in the podcast.

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