Social Tokens: Infusing DAOs with Purpose & Culture | Coopahtroopa


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DAOs represent a potential paradigm shift in how we organize work and meet similarly-minded people. At the forefront of this revolution is Coopahtroopah, a member of more than 100 DAOs across DeFi, NFTs, and Social. Shi Khai and Cooper discuss how Social DAOs are manifesting communities incentivised less by financial gain, but by culture, socialization, and purpose. These organisations include Friends with Benefits, Bankless DAO, and Uniwhales, for instance. Learn about how they are gathering motivated people to achieve various missions, the structures/tokenisation that align their goals, and how DAOs are poised to be crypto’s next big wave. 00:02:36 Intros 00:05:09 Social Tokens 00:08:00 DAO Highlight: Friends with Benefits & Forefront 00:09:55 Seed Club: Social Token Incubator 00:11:46 Learnings from Past Few Months 00:15:40 Genesis of Social Tokens 00:16:35 Quality of Community: Social Communities > ICO Projects 00:20:47 Ensuring Quality: Do we need "Proof-of-Work" for Membership? 00:23:17 How to Balance Inclusion and Contribution 00:25:54 Proof-of-Participation 00:29:44 Balance between Inclusion & Community Quality 00:32:39 Enhancing Inclusion: Fractional Ownership 00:37:55 Sustainability of Social DAOs across Bull & Bear Cycle: Seasons 00:42:16 Social DAO Org Structure & Incentives: Who decides on distribution? 00:45:47 Revenue Models for Social Groups 00:49:37 Convergence with DeFi, NFTs, and DAOs 00:52:47 NTFs (Non-Transferable Fungibles) 00:55:05 Creating On-Chain & Off-Chain Identity The Web 3 Native podcast is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice. LongHash Ventures may own some of the positions mentioned in the podcast.

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