Tranchess: Enhancing Yield on Bitcoin & USDC


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In this episode, we explore Tranchess: a tokenised asset management protocol. Tranchess features various structured, chess-themed products catered for investors of varying risk appetites: Queen, Bishop, and Rook. Co-founder Danny walks us through these products, how Tranchess fills the gaps of DeFi, and explains the mechanics behind the protocol. 03:20 What is Tranchess 04:53 The gaps that Tranchess fill in DeFi 07:30 Intro to Tranchess Products 08:24 Product 1: Queen & Target Investor 09:15 Product 2: Bishop & Target Investor - For risk-averse users 11:23 Product 3: Rook & Target investor - For risk-loving users 16:05 How Tranchess is different from existing products 20:35 Explanation of rebalancing and risk management 30:30 Net Asset Value and TWAP pricing explained 34:24 TWAP and Market Makers 41:36 Game Theory on Tranchess 43:30 Why Anonymous Team? 46:16 Anonymous nature of the team and assurances for users 49:17 Why they launched on BSC 51:00 Community building approach 58:29 Future of Tranchess Tranchess protocol: Web 3 Native is a podcast for crypto-native founders and users to learn about the most innovative models of Web 3.0. Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this podcast do not represent the views of LongHash Ventures in any way. This podcast is for educational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice. LongHash Ventures may hold positions in the tokens and companies mentioned.

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