Talk Heathen 05.29 07-18-2021 with Johnny P and ObjectivelyDan


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Greetings Heathens! Hope you are still safe during the ongoing pandemic. We are so close to seeing the end of it, stay vigilant! We hope to be a sanctuary for you in this chaotic world. In today’s episode of Talk Heathen, Johnny P. Angel is joined today by Objectively Dan (and Pico!) #TeamPico Let’s get to calls! Zoroaster from Texas would like to talk about how homosexuality is objectively immoral. Oooh starting out hot. Except right off the bat he changes the subject to pedophiles and is using his unfounded logic of them being gay as a reason to imprison people. Dude, you’re being ridiculous and reprehensible. Don’t call back. Kelly in California is up next, he has some questions about removing God from the gaps in our knowledge. Mark in Canada is wondering what we think about spirit guides. Um, it’s not a thing in reality, but we have heard about it and it is a thing some folks believe. Ryan in Minnesota is asking about how to reason with the unreasonable. He finds himself in debates and is struggling with finding honest interlocutors. How do you engage with others where everyone feels comfortable. OH! Try Street Epistemology, it may work for you! David in Oregon is wanting to talk about how to stop oneself from speaking too much out of turn, being impatient with bad arguments, and also imposing your values onto others. Here’s an idea, perhaps be patient and use active listening, that may put others at ease and make you seem as though you truly want to have the conversation. Billy in Texas wants to explain why they believe in intelligent design within functional genomes and DNA. He would like to run an argument with us and see how we respond. He believes that something intelligent had to design the Universe and claims that science and philosophy supports this. Except it doesn’t, but go on. Your claim that complexity can’t come from simplicity doesn’t track man. Also, the code in DNA isn’t a literal code either. That’s our show for this week, please continue to be safe in your area, get vaccinated if you can, and continue to wear your mask. The world is better with you in it. See you next week!

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