Francesco Strazzullo on his book "Decision-making for Software Development Teams" - Part 2


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☕ Tea Time or Beer O'Clock? 🍺 Decision-making with Francesco Strazzullo
🔥 The second episode of our new series of live events on Facebook with the first author of Avanscoperta as a publishing company, Francesco Strazzullo, who’s also one of our trainers and friends.
👌 Francesco aka Strazz is working on his second book titled “Decision-making for Software Development Teams”, available on LeanPub, an online publishing platform where you buy the book while it’s being written and get regular updates when new content is published… in pure Lean fashion!
❓ Have you ever thought about decision-making when it comes to software development? Curious about it?
👉 In this second episode, we've talked about the progress from the first episode (lol), a new chapter Francesco is writing with two of his colleagues, a random EventStorming of virtual reality app he's been building lately, and the importance of data, and User Research, when approaching decision-making.
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📚 Francesco's book "Decision-making for Software Development Teams" is available on LeanPub:
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