Jacopo Romei - The importance of feedback (Avanscoperta Meetup)


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👉🏾 Title of the talk
The importance of feedback
🎯 Abstract
Since I started practicing Extreme Programming back in 2003, I have always kept an eye on a not-so-simple concept: feedback. In the beginning, it was all about code and its correctness.
As I grew up as a professional, as a consultant, and as an entrepreneur, I realized that feedback in the software industry meant much more, much broader, much deeper.
Exactly 10 years ago, I tried a systematic approach to this concept. Now that I'm facing new challenges developing digital products, I decided to wrap it up again.
What does feedback should mean to us all working in the digital world? What kind of feedback should we crave? How can we use feedback to enhance our chances of building a successful business?
In this session, I will try to share what I learned, what I was wrong about, and what I hope to have understood correctly for the future of my endeavors.
🎙 Speaker
Jacopo Romei
📰 Bio
Consultant, entrepreneur, trainer, Jacopo works with teams across Italy, France & UK. He is the author of the book "Extreme Contracts" (English version coming soon).
Usually, Jacopo gets hired by those willing to waste less time, money and happiness and he helps people working in teams to work better because our jobs are a significant part of our lives.
Recently his main focus has been on organisations governance and contract negotiation.
All in all, he hates wasting energy and since 14 years ago work is still in progress: experimenting to work ever-better, to live ever-better, moving forward, one step at a time.
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