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Bachelorette | Season 16 Episode 2 RHAPupBachelorette | Season 16 Episode 2 RHAPup

Bachelorette | Season 16 Episode 2 RHAPup

The Bachelorette is back for the 16th season, Clare Crawley is still on the hunt for love, and Haley and Amy are here to break down episode 2. With the first group of men eliminated on night one, Clare partakes in her first one-on-one date of the season! On this week’s group date, the men give love their best shot in a revealing game of dodgeball.

Will this be the MOST dramatic season ever? Are you excited to see Clare back again for another shot at love? Which guys are standing out to you so far? Share all of your Bachelorette thoughts with us on Twitter by tagging Reality TV RHAPups @rhapups and using the hashtag #RHAP!

In this podcast, they talk about:
  • The love language group date with professions of love, personal gifts, physical touch, and quality time
  • Clare confronting the guys for not stepping up to the plate
  • Jason releasing demons on his one-on-one date with Clare
  • The dodgeball group date with stripping element
  • Blake Moynes showing up to the group date cocktail party because he was upset his dodgeball team lost
  • Clare eliminating Brandon when he couldn’t name why he was interested in her
  • Clare’s interactions with Dale vs. the other men
  • Bennett’s special accommodations at La Quinta
  • Blake Moynes getting pulled away at the rose ceremony and getting a rose
  • the to-be-continued ending
  • Listener questions and more!

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The men vying for Clare’s heart this season include:

AJ, 28, software salesman

Ben, 29, Army Ranger veteran

Bennet, 36, wealth management consultant

Blake Monar, 31, male grooming specialist

Blake Moynes, 29, wildlife manager

Brandon, 28, real estate agent

Brendan, 30, commercial roofer

Chaser, 31, IT account executive

Chris, 27, landscape design salesman

Dale, 31, former professional football receiver

Demar, 26, spin cycling instructor

Eazy, 29, sports marketing agent

Ed, 36, health care salesman

Garin, 34, professor of journalism

Ivan, 28, aeronautical engineer

Jason, 31, former professional football lineman

Jay, 30, fitness director

Jeremy, 40, banker

Joe, 36, anesthesiologist

Jordan C, 26, software account executive

Jordan M, 30, cyber security engineer

Kenny, 39, boyband manager

Mike, 38, digital media advisor

Page, 37, chef

Riley, 30, attorney

Robby, 31, insurance broker

Tyler C, 27, lawyer

Tyler S, 36, music manager

Yosef, 30, medical device salesman

Zac C, 36, addiction specialist

Zack J, 37, cleaning service owner

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