Becoming Legendary The Invisible Path #12 - How ”I Am” Thinking Can Change Your Life


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These days if you follow society’s playbook for life you’re set up to be a victim or at least hustled to some degree out of time, money, connection, health, the meaning of life. To thrive today you’ve got to ignore many of the mainstream narratives, sometimes you may have to go against the narratives altogether. In doing this, you may appear to others as stupid and even conspiratorial - concerned with things that most deem not worthy of consideration. Maybe these judgments make a person insecure. This is the burden of the wise fool. Taking an invisible path isn’t easy, but it can be exhilarating. The pursuit of uncommon information, views, practices & maybe even secret knowledge or a discovery - this is where the fun comes in. This can also be where hope is found. Empowering yourself by trying new things & taking responsibility for improving your life creates hope. The path truly is invisible because you won’t know the results until you try things for yourself. Accepting the uncertainty of outcome is a piece of knowledge the wise fool gains. The wise fool is willing to try things and view the world in a way that few would admit to. Striving for self-improvement is a vulnerable admission that things aren’t working (or at least could be better). Most people feel better sticking with the tried and (used to be) true paths. The invisible path is sometimes exotic, but often mundane. The wise fool finds hope in both new and old, forgotten perspectives repurposed for today’s world. It’s hard to stay sane in an insane world so we slip down a secret, invisible path into a better life. Join Joel Greene, husband, father, engineer, & designer of biohacking gear that helps guys level up their hormones ( & Joel is a contrarian thinker who also known for discovering a new species of mushroom. & Patrick Brennan an independent seeker, creator of Whole Body Vibration Yoga the founder of Vibetality, Sacred Plant Co, and 5th and Arcadia.

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