Are you living on autopilot? 5 questions you need to ask yourself to redirect your mind and your life!


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Hey my fellow veteran,
Do you sometimes feel like you are living on autopilot? I know I did and it was because I didn't realize my mind needed supervision.

When you don't supervise your mind, it will take over and decide to run on autopilot for you.

Every decision you make is important.

Leaders decide and execute.

But when it comes to your personal goals, you decide to put them off... end up living on autopilot.

You can stop living on autopilot by managing one thought at a time.

Your brain is always searching for answers, so provide it with empowering answers.

Empowering answers (thoughts) require empowering questions.

In today's episode, I share with you 5 empowering questions that will provide you with empowering thoughts that are going to create the feelings you need to move closer to what really matters to you.


Much love and appreciation,


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