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The MOST private browser (2021) https://open.lbry.com/@NaomiBrockwell:4/Most-private-browsers:8?r=9mvuwPzyZX55TFcyh5Yhwgm8HEXsrtSm https://youtu.be/G09oVgDurTI Web browsers are the gateway to the internet so it is no surprise that they often become the target of companies or hackers who want to collect information about YOU! Not only can websites can track you, but browsers themselves can also send back information about you to the browser’s parent company - In other words, your browsers become spies for the likes of Google or Microsoft and send all these information back to them to monetize! This video will compare the most popular browser options out there and help you make an informed decision best suited to you! The major browsers discussed in this video are Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Tor Browser, Microsoft Edge, and Brave. There is often a trade-off between privacy and convenience with browsers, but there are some great options that give you a good degree of both. An important note: A privacy-focused browser is essential for private internet usage… but it’s not sufficient. There are many ways your internet usage can be tracked. To learn more, check out some of the other videos in my privacy series, that will give you a great introduction to how to live a modern, privacy-conscious lifestyle! Written by Reuben Yap Edited by Lee Rennie Associate producer: Will Sandoval If you would like to send me a message and support my channel, visit https://cointr.ee/naomibrockwell Sign up for the free cryptobeat newsletter here: https://Naomibrockwell.com/cryptobeat Sign up for the members-only newsletter here and get access to exclusive content by becoming a member of NBTV! https://Naomibrockwell.com/memberships

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