I’ve Got a need, a Need For Speed


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A spoiler free review of Speed on 4K and DJ breaks down one of the greatest Home Theater car movies in the last 20 years. Buckle Up Home Theater nerds and just Push Play…PODCAST Time StampsMovies and Scenes- 3:13Listener Comments- 4:35Review of Speed 4K- 15:34Trailer- 20:14Spoiler Free Review- 22:39Scene Reviews- 27:30Check us out on YouTube

PODCAST Time Stamps

Movies and Scenes- 3:13
Listener Comments- 4:35
Trailer- 20:14
Spoiler Free Review- 22:39
Scene Reviews- 27:30

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The Mitchells vs the Machines (Netflix)
Steve George (@LEAGALBEAGLEOK) on Twitter
“Funny mobie and moving at times… very nice 4K presentation and punchy Atmos track”

🍿= Reference Material
Need For Speed 🍿🍿🍿
Picture 🍿
Sound 🍿🍿🍿
Home Theater Viewing Time 2hr 03min 03sec
2:36 Daryl
4:04 Bullitt
4:35 Engine Revs 🍿(31:11)
7:48 Train 🍿(32:47)
8:35 Call Me Maverick
8:51 Toby’s Car
9:30 Focus
9:54 GO! 🍿🍿🍿(38:07)
13:16 Speed?
13:47 Tunnel Vision
15:37 Meeting
20:45 The Mustang 🍿🍿🍿(42:32)
26:17 230 Mph 🍿(46:12)
29:59 Keys
30:29 Car Pan🍿(50:48)
31:27 Firebird
33:40 Spin Out 🍿(52:30)
34:51 Skid to a Stop
39:53 It’s Here🍿🍿 (55:20)
43:26 What’s a Dollar
44:24 Movin Baby
45:12 Speed
51:26 Go to the Window 🍿🍿🍿(58:25)
58:55 Grasshopper
1:07:15 Computer Screen
1:15:14 Jump
1:18:24 Rear Ended 🍿(1:03:43)
1:19:20 Flip
1:22:52 View
1:24:44 Jet Fly By
1:29:57 Wrecked
1:41:20 Mid Engine🍿🍿(1:09:50)
1:42:44 Six 🍿🍿🍿(1:10:39)
1:45:50 Helicopter
1:46:54 Debris
1:48:43 Radio
1:49:26 Bugatti
1:58:20 Lighthouse
1:45:50 Helicopter
1:46:54 Debris
1:48:43 Radio
1:49:26 Bugatti
1:58:20 Lighthouse

🍿Thanks to:
Theme Music by Jeff Bernheart/Throne Vault Productions.

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