Seven Sisters


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Seven sisters turn to stone in solidarity for true love. It’s a new song in the works on the Brobdingnagian Bards Podcast #69.

  • Discussion of Album Pins
  • Gen Con confirmed
  • Andrew’s New CD
  • Evening at Bree
  • New Lord of the Rings Series


Andrew McKee, The Irish Bard

  • AUG 4-7: Gen Con, Indianapolis, IN
  • SEP 1-5: Dragon Con, Atlanta, GA
  • SEP 10-11: Sherwood Forest Celtic Festival, Paige, TX
  • NOV 5 - DEC 11: Louisiana Renaissance Festival, Hammond, LA

Marc Gunn

  • AUG 4-7: Gen Con, Indianapolis, IN
  • AUG 11: Celtfather Live Streaming Concert @ 7:30 PM ET. Free
  • AUG 17: Coffee with The Celtfather Season 10 Launch @ 11 AM ET
  • AUG 20: Best End Brewing @ 7:00 – 10:00 PM
  • AUG 26: Three Taverns Brewery, Decatur, GA @ TBA
  • SEP 1-5: Dragon Con, Atlanta, GA
  • SEP 10-11: Middle Tennessee Highland Games & Celtic Festival, Hendersonville, TN
  • SEP 28-OCT 2: Hobbit Band at ALEP in Shakertown, KY




There were seven sisters. They were kind and goodThe oldest sister went into the woodsShe met and fell in love with a gentlemanHe was the only son of the laird of the land

Singing hi da diddle diddle die dal day Hi da diddle diddle die dal day

Every day just as the sunset fell, The gentleman and maiden met beside a wellTheir love was true. Their love was strongThe swore to tell their parents that they belong

The oldest sister told her six siblingsShe met a man to love for eternity They giggled and laughed with pride and joyThey would see her wed, the sisters swore.

The gentleman shared the love he foundBut the Laird reminded him he was duty boundHe was betrothed to a fair ladyTo extend his father’s land along the sea

There in the meadow, the gentleman professed To marry the maiden in a pretty white dressShe and her sisters, they promisedThey would wait for him til their Marriage kiss

The Laird he learned of the marriage planHe swore his son would become a manHe chained his son on the bailey groundthe gentleman said he was already bound

As the sun set, the laird laughed cruelly You’ll stay there till you listen to meThe Gentleman called out to the nightI will be faithful to my love so bright

There was a bright light. The ground it shook. The water went dry Down by the brook. The sisters heard the gentlemen's cry.They turn to stane so they’d never die

The Lord went down to the Bailey ground To see if his son had come aroundThere where his son had been chained alaneAll that stood was a standings stane

Deep in the wood by a dried up brookStand Seven tall stones that continue to lookThe seven sisters await the swainWho stands in the courtyard all alane

Brobdingnagian Bards “Seven Sisters” from Another Faire to Remember

NEXT TIME: Marc interviews Andrew about his new CD.

MARC: If you want to hear more from us right now and hear Andrew say, “It’s the most powerful I’ve ever owned”.

ANDREW: Then Marc exclaims, “Did you finish…?”


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