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Buffy S4 E4 "Fear, Itself"/Gilmore Girls S4 E4 "Chicken or Beef?"
Though this week's villains may make a lot of noise and nearly drive our heroes into madness, in the end they are just weak little douches. Alpha Delta's Halloween party may be out of control, but maybe not as out of control as Dean on his wedding eve. Kirk breaks into Lorelai's house to protect her from knife-wielding gunmen. Giles breaks into a house by wielding a chainsaw in order to protect the Scoobies. Rory and Buffy both must deal with complicated feelings about their former flames, and we're dealing with our cat's poop problem!
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Introduction - 0:00
Buffy S4 E4: Fear, Itself - 4:10
Meanwhile on Charmed - 32:45
Gilmore Girls S4 E4: Chicken or Beef? - 36:12
The Winner - 1:04:21
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