How To Build Confidence Fast


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Hello to everyone who has either stumbled across us for the first time, or made this their daily port of call as they search for the magic ingredient in their lives

Growing confidence and not just a little bit, but lots of it.

Join Up Dots is now the number one confidence resource online today, and we can say that with all the confidence in the world 🙂

Did you see what we did there?

Well you have to be confident don’t you, it’s what makes the world fun.

It’s what makes your life fun, and fills you with more energy than you could possibly hope to have.

It’s rocket power.

It’s the worlds biggest springy shoes, bouncing you across the globe.

And best of all……..every single one of you has more confidence in your little finger than the whole of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Oceans put together.

I kid you not….you are literally over flowing with confidence, and you have been since the moment you were born.

But of course you don’t believe us at all.

You don’t think you have any of this god given rocket fuel, or you wouldn’t have been Googling for help on the subject.

You think that everybody else can do stuff that fills you with fear and dread, leaving you pulling your neck in like the most scaredy pants Ninja Turtle.

You think that they have super talents that you don’t….which quite frankly my sexy followers is a complete crock of ****!!”

So let’s start with giving you an understanding of where confidence lives, and then we can start working with you, as you turn the tap and see the stuff gushing out all over the place.

Where Does Confidence Live?

You might have guessed that we were going to say this, but confidence lives within you already.

Confidence is nothing more than having the ability to tackle something head on without fearing the end result.

I will say that again.

It is about tackling something that you are not sure you can do head on, even if there is a chance that you won’t be successful.

And you, me and everybody can do that.

We can attempt things that we think we won’t be able to do, as long as we say “Oh well, that was a big screw up….let’s try it again.”

Are you with me, my confidence seeking padawans?

So let’s think of all the things that you have gone out and done, even though you won’t have got it right in the very beginning.

You didn’t think as babies for example “There is no way I am going to be able to walk…..I know I need to Google “Confidence” and get help if I am ever going to get off this floor!

Although if you did you would have been either supremely confident as a baby, or just very weird and scary.

It’s going to be the Chucky Baby version I will plump for…..not good.

When you were a baby you simply went for something and tried, fell over, tried, fell over, got wobbly and then stood, whilst everybody applauded you.

Well done, you are a confidence master of the highest order…hurrah for you, and hurrah for all the babies in the world that are showing us adults what confidence truly means.

Now move onto a young child and someone throws a ball in your direction.

More often than not you would have threw your arms up, closed your eyes in case you got hit by the ball……and then got a whack right on the nose as the ball did exactly what you thought it would do.

But wait….we have a cunning plan. what if the next time we keep our eyes open and watch the ball as it flies in the air.

Perhaps, just perhaps, we might be able to catch it without suffering a nasal trauma??

We have found the confidence to minimise the risks and give it another go

How You Can Start Building Confidence In Your Life

]Confidence is all about building routines into your life and accepting that everything needs to start at the lowest level.

You need to say “Right guys, I am here for a reason. I want to be more confident. I want to have the ability to step out of my comfort zone. I am willing to be my baby-self and fall over every once in awhile.”

And if you are nodding in agreement and saying to yourself “Yeah, ok I can do that. I can have a few setbacks, as I know from every setback I have I will learn something to stop it happening again” then you have found the tiniest crumb of confidence leading you to the overflowing geyser of confidence waiting to explode across your living room.

So good for you.

Give yourself a pat on the back

Or if you have very short arms, get someone else to pat you on the back (you can pretend that you are choking on something if it makes it easier to ask ? )

Now if you are thinking to yourself…the last thing that i want is to look stupid. I am seeking answers to my confidence issues, so how the hell will this work?”

Then sorry, you are not at the right point to start changing your life.

You have a closed off mindset which is locking the doors to finding any confidence in yourself.


Sorry to shout, but you have to be told.

Confidence leads from action taking.

And every-bit of action that you make comes from you deciding to make a decision to do something.

The more things you do the more times you will accept and learn from your failures, until those failures become less and less and you are confident with what you are doing.

So which of you feel that you aren’t confident anymore??

Come on put your hands up so I can see you??


Ok. good I am confident that I can go and do something else now, and you will all be ok!!

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