How To Get Into Your Flow


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Chris Randall is today’s guest on the Steve Jobs inspired Join Up Dots podcast interview.

He is a man who first appeared on the show in the first year of Join Up Dots, back in episode 256. During the show we discussed how he got his coaching business up and running, and the steps he took to find the niche that suited him best.

He provides his life changing method “Flowcoaching” where he shows the world how to lead a highly successful and well rewarded life doing what matters most to them

He believes as I do that it can also transform any business into a happy, creative and passionate place that inspirational people seek out.

You enjoy yourself more, get more things done, and therefore have more free time for yourself. Yep cake and eat it time. But what is flowcoaching and why is it the thing that even if we don't get coached in it, we have all experienced it in our lives time and time again.

How The Dots Joined Up For Chris

Well its that amazing state that you can find yourself in when you literally lose hours at a time when performing a task. You get so engrossed in the activity that you look at the clock and think “God it feels that I just had breakfast and it’s lunchtime already!”

Well, it might have been a while since you last felt that feeling whilst working in your current job or occupation. And that is where our guest comes in. In a nutshell, he is a business, leadership and talent coach who helps you to figure out what you do best and then work with you to do it better.

So how do we get ourselves into this state if we spend the majority of our time thinking "ooh just got five minutes until the next thing i have to do!"?

And what is the part of the business that took him by surprise as he built it to where it is today?

Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots with the one and only "Mr Flowcoacher Chris Randall.

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