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Healing from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis using holistic techniques

Main topics for this episode:

  • Thyroid disease and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis symptoms and how diet and lifestyle matter
  • The importance of walking 30 minutes a day and moving your body
  • Traveling, handling stress, and staying healthy during the holidays

Some highlights:

  1. Carly shares how she was noticing strange symptoms like itchy skin, trouble swallowing, fatigue, and acne [03:47]
  2. After reading online health sites, Carly wanted to be tested for everything and discovered her TSH was 150, and she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism [05:49]
  3. Carly decided to fire her doctor who didn't give her much information and insisted that medication was the only option. [07:36]
  4. A naturopath told Carly that she had Hashimoto's, and he had her change her diet, reduce stress, move more, walk for 30 minutes a day, and look at things from a whole body perspective. [08:16]
  5. The importance of finding someone to optimize your body and monitor your thyroid. [18:55]
  6. Gut health and how candida overgrowth can cause Hashimoto's and leaky gut [19:33]
  7. Bone broth and Collagen powder helped Carly heal her gut along with a real diet and reducing stress [24:33]
  8. Carly and her husband wanted to travel for a year and went to Chiang Mai, Thailand but her symptoms came back and they came home after not being able to find a place in New Zealand [30:32]
  9. How noise canceling headphones, essential oils, and a warm scarf can help combat stress during flights [37:08]

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