127: Owning Your True Worth - with Christine Baird


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Any which way you cut it, I'm here for the podcast because the intimacy and the vulnerability and the safe space to tell your story is so profound. In listening to people tell their stories, you learn how to listen to another human’s experience and see yourself in it. I think that's a skill we're losing and we desperately need in society.” -Christine Baird

Christine Baird is a podcast consultant, host, and producer who teaches creators how to attract their dream customers through the power of their voice.
After six years in corporate sales, Christine did a career 180 and has been working in podcasting, event production, and influencer branding since 2014. She worked on Lewis Howes’ brand, The School of Greatness, for four years, where she helped grow his top-ranked podcast from less than 1 million downloads to over 80 million.

Now she’s pivoted to supporting creators in launching and grow their shows and impact. She consults and strategizes on personal brand and branded podcasts and she trains teams to become in-house producers of high-quality media. She is also the owner of Worthfull Media, a boutique podcast production agency.

Christine hosts her own podcast, Worthfull Project, and is the co-host of the Think Like a Producer podcast. She’s passionate about owning her worth and inspiring others to do the same.
We talked about:

  • Things she learned when entering the transformation space
  • What it’s like to trust your intuition
  • How her faith guided her career pivot
  • What working with the most successful people in the world taught her about self-worth
  • How you can re-discover your self-worth

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*This interview is for educational purposes only and doesn't necessarily represent the practices of the host. Please consult your physician or health advisor before beginning any new healing or self-care protocol.

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