The Secret to Energy Alchemy with Mary Langfield


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Welcome to the Divine Feminine Revolution Podcast!

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Mary Langfield is a Life Coach & Energy Alchemist with a background in classical homeopathy, holistic health coaching, yoga and Ayurveda in Minneapolis, MN.

She says, "I’ve curated a program that helps you become deeply connected to your own awesome so you can release not only your need for external validation but reduce your physical complaints.

In my online programs and private sessions, I teach women how to feel better in their bodies and make better choices that include the foods they love and the fun they’re used to having.

For nearly 28 years, I was obsessed with my looks, shameful of my curves and about 25 lbs. from some kind of imagined utopia. Loving myself, flaws and all, was pretty much a joke because I saw how gorgeous, skinny women even hated things about themselves.

I believed in working hard to achieve my goals, yet I regularly felt stressed, tired and anxious. Sugar was my motivational friend. Exercise, shame, and guilt inevitably followed. I was an information junkie on purposeful careers, organic foods, and toxic-free living.

Through my frustration and observations, I never forgot about my father who was very ill most of my life. Watching his diabetic body suffer was both devastating and scary. This made me extra vigilant about my health and thankful to be alive, especially after his passing.

Finally, I found the strength to break free from my internal prison. I wanted to hear what my body was asking for and answer appropriately, once and for all.

That’s when I found my new career path in health coaching, functional nutrition, yoga, Ayurveda and healing/energy medicine."

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