The Secret to Sexual Alchemy with Anna Margolina


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Welcome to the Divine Feminine Revolution Podcast!

Ready to ignite your confidence and receive the pleasure you deserve?

You get to ignore the patriarchy and prioritize your unique radiant energy!

Anna Margolina is a speaker, trainer, author, certified Healing Tao Instructor, Master NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist. Above all, she is a woman on a personal journey.

Her science background and her work as a beauty science researcher taught her that to change something externally, we must understand what is going on internally.

She says, " There was a reason, of course, why ​I became interested in ​personal change. Just like many people who decide to ​take actions, I was deadly desperate.

Since I was a child I stuttered. Which means I couldn't just tell a story like other children - I had to struggle, trying to get my words out. For years, I carried the burden of fear, ​embarrassment and deep feeling of inadequacy. I knew I was weird. I knew i was different. I knew I wasn't fitting in.

Sometimes, our ​pain ​is our blessing. ​In 2009, out of desperation, I started having sessions with an NLP coach ​and soon was astonished at the results it produced. Session by session, my fears, my insecurities and my overall unhappiness kept falling off, dissolving, fading away. And most importantly, my speech started to flow.

[An acting class] taught me to notice how people's emotional states affect their appearance. What we think and feel ​on a regular basis, becomes our mask. It manifests in our choices, our energy and our facial expressions.

[NLP certifications] opened my mind to understanding that every problem I had was just a logical outcome of specific thinking patterns. Change the pattern, change the outcome. I also learned that personal change can be fast and it can be fun...

In 2016, I started studying the Universal Healing Tao - a system of self-healing based on energy moving meditations. I was privileged to learn from the ​world's ​top expert ​on The Tao - Master ​​Mantak Chia. The Tao became the bridge between my head and ​my heart. I stopped ​​living in my head and learned how to be in my own body.

To my amazement, it opened an access to a whole new universe of my innate intelligence. The more I practiced the Tao processes, the deeper connected I felt, the more freedom and flow I ​had, ​ and the more confidently I inhabited my body...

I also realized that ​positive changes I created​ are mine to keep for the rest of my life. ​Moreover, because I have tools, I can continue increasing my comfort and radiance.

Ultimately, I want my clients to learn how to guide, heal, and empower themselves."

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