Dogman Encounters Episode 403 (My Friends Left Me There with the Dogman!)


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Tonight’s guest, John, had a traumatic Dogman encounter, in Peru, Indiana, in July of 1990. Luckily, he wasn’t alone when he had his encounter. Well, at least, he wasn’t alone at 1st. You see, John was camping, with his friends, by the Wabash River when it happened. When the Dogman walked into their campsite that night, though, John’s friends ran, leaving him there, all alone, by the fire, with the Dogman. Due to how traumatized John was from the experience, he moved to Tampa, Florida and stayed there for 22 years, hoping to preclude the chance of having another 1. Even though his encounter happened such a long time ago, it wasn’t until recently that he was able to finally come to terms with it. We hope you’ll listen to him share all the details of his experience. If you do, you’ll understand why it gave him so much trouble.
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