St Patrick's Day Episode 2021 prt 3: That Is the Natural Order of Things!


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Here’s another St Pattys day! Or should I say happy St Hass-el-hoff day in this world! Join a group on the continent next door called Demor Gaulando; a land that is not so different than where our main heroes dwell but is full of adventure.

Kumar decides that the best thing to do is escalate the controlled situation to an all out battle. Joe obliges and pushes the aggression up to 11. As a result, the team has to act quickly to fight a dangerous foe. After that they get some valuable intel that leads them out of town to one of the final pieces of the puzzle. Time continues to run out as the start of the parade gets ever closer. And now Joe is on this whole “carry me” quest. Just great….

The Gallery of Non-Heroes:

Crunchy Do-Gooder who is a Human Fighter played by Kumar,

Bibitty Bumble the Gnomish Fighter/Warlock played by Sean (Another Warlock of Mot the Infected Calf),

Reginald Cost: A simple nobleman who Bill never really states what his class is,

Urlok the Epik by Joe playing a Half-orc Fighter

and Impervious Cok-Knocker by Jon playing a Dragonborn Barbarian


Thank you to Jesus Gonzalez and Jon Brown for their great work as usual!

Main Theme "Dumb Idea No 1 -Generic Dance of the Vegan Ogres" Used with permission By Jesus Gonzalez Site:

Credit Music: "Dumb Idea No 1_alternate reality take 2" Used with permission By Jesus Gonzalez Site:

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