Weatherman Episode #1: 'Reach, Rescue and Restore'


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The Weatherman Podcast Experiment Begins… Welcome to this, the 1st edition of the Weatherman. I am Dylan Ratigan. Thank you so much for joining us this afternoon. I'm actually in Italy, so it's the evening here. Our producer Meg Robertson is in New York and David DeGraw our other producer is in Los Angeles. Our callers are all coming from North America today. If you're listening to this right now, you probably read the launch email describing our objective with this call, which is relatively simple. It's our own unique take, if you will, on the idea of a podcast. When David, Meg and myself were discussing the idea of doing this, what became clear to us was that we all have a lot of respect and appreciation for what's happening in the podcast universe, especially those that are doing a wide variety of one-on-one interviews with various experts on specific subjects about specific things, but we were really looking at what's missing from the podcast universe. In our opinion, we felt that there isn't a place where all of us can speak as a group. Even if it's a series of one-on-one conversations about our collective experience, in a way to create context for each of us about what we're calling The Shift. This shift is something that each of us is feeling in our own way. Some of us are very sensitive to the technological aspects. Some of us are very sensitive to the spiritual aspect of it. This very podcast is a demonstration of the communication aspect of it. In fact, we're across nine time zones right now, but gathered together at this particular moment to have this conversation, and you know, when you look at the chaos of the news cycle, this is not going to be a podcast about the news cycle, obviously, but when you look at the chaos of the news cycle, I look at it as a series of events that are constantly without context, that are constantly without awareness, and they are basically like an open nerve ending that is in a constant state of reactivity. Even if it doesn't know what it is reacting to. The goal with the Weatherman is to try to create some of that context to help understand why our politics are so extreme and so reactive. It is responding to the threat that The Shift represents. The threat of all of us connecting with one another. The threat of creating a system of power and solution and problem-solving that's not based on centralized command and control, enemy versus tribal enemy, in blame culture, but rather one of mutual awareness and mutual understanding that can be driven into not a world of fear and reactivity, but to an increasingly clear and calm place where we start to understand at the very least how and why our emotions and our thoughts treat us the way that they do, or why we experience them the way that we do.... I will do my best to serve as a moderator and as a literal Weatherman giving you a sense of what I'm hearing as I move around the world and have the benefit of talking to so many of you. Ultimately, in the spirit of the relay radio of the past, my ability to serve as the Weatherman will only be as good as your willingness to report in what you're feeling, thinking and experiencing, so that everyone else that is gathered around this broadcast can not only hear my perspective but can get a sense of your thoughts and your perspective. It is our collective experience that will potentially create a way for us to move through the chaos that is being created by an unprecedented global paradigm shift and start to move us incrementally, moment-by-moment, breath-by-breath, day-by-day into increasingly longer periods of clarity. If you want to call into the show to speak with me, send us a voice message here, please leave your phone number so our producers can call you to get you live on air: Thank you for tuning in, hope to hear from you, ~ Dylan Ratigan

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