Living Compassionate Self-Love To Become A Successful Leader


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In this episode, Ulrike and her guest Rahaf Kobeissi, Mindset & Mental Health Coach, speak about the importance of practicing compassionate self-love to become a good leader.

Specializing in breaking the stigma on men’s mental health Rahaf is sharing her insights into the struggles that men face when adapting to the behavioral codes in the business world. These struggles are very similar to those that women face as it all starts from within and with the way how we feel about ourselves.

To be good leaders we need to increase our self-leadership skills first. The most effective way of approaching self-leadership is creating awareness of the tone and attitude we apply towards ourselves and to shift from a highly self-critical approach to self-compassion.

If you want to use this technique to become a better, more effective, and more successful leader, tune in to this episode now!

About Rahaf Kobeissi:

Rahaf Kobeissi, is a bilingual practicing thought leader on mental health and mindset transformation, a well-being trainer, keynote speaker, and the host of the "Don't Be A Man About It" show. She is known for breaking the stigma on men's mental health and is one of the first women in the Middle East to start a conversation on the subject.

About Ulrike Seminati:

Ulrike Seminati is a long-standing senior executive, coach and author. After over 20 years of being a successful leader in corporate organizations, Ulrike believes that female leadership is one of the biggest untapped potentials in the world. She is combining all her experience and years of excelling in the corporate world with powerful self-development techniques and gives it to hard workers like you, allowing you to flourish, realize the root causes of your struggle, and finally land that leadership spot you’re after!

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Outline of the Episode:

[03:40] How our biased views influence what we do

[06:31] The most common challenges that men are facing

[08:38] Being able to communicate your emotions

[09:57] It all starts from within

[12:44] Shifting to self-love and changing your narrative

[16:02] Shifting to self-love is a rewarding process

[19:55] Starting your day in the right way

[22:21] Self-compassion to improve your leadership style

[26:44] Getting the right help to make it happen

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