102: 10 Ways You're Showing The Universe You're Not Confident And Not Worthy Of Living An Abundant Life


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102: 10 Ways You're Showing The Universe You're Not Confident And Not Worthy Of Living An Abundant Life

In today’s episode, I wanna share with you 10 ways you’re showing the universe you’re not worthy of living an abundant life. Now, do you feel like you’re not worthy of having an abundance or happy life? Are there ways you’re showing the universe that you’re not confident, and unworthy?

Make-do Solution

(1:25-1:31) Just over the weekend, something happened to my studio. There were a lot of flies in the studio.

(1:50-2:01) And they were all flying around in the room. It’s those very small flies and these are the flies that we find in the toilet. So we tried to clean it ourselves.

(2:12-2:21) There were so many things that we did ourselves. And after the cleaning, it did not get better.

(2:38-2:56) So it can get really quite scary. And finally, after many days of staring at those flies, I finally called a cleaning company or a pest company who specialize in getting rid of pests to help us.

(3:06-3:34) And they came around with their giant machine and it took less than 15 minutes and they cleared everything and that cost us $200. Now, $200 to solve the problem. In fact, remove the problem immediately and completely thus saving me the torture of having flies flying around me during my recordings.

(3:40-3:49) But I have to admit, I was first reluctant to pay it because I thought that I could do it myself and get my partner to do it myself.

(3:50-4:01) As I was coaching with clients this week, I told this story repeatedly because as women entrepreneurs we often look for the Make-Do Solution.

(4:04-4:09) We feel like we should know how to do it alone.

(4:13-4:49) We not only try to do the thing ourselves and we try to do it for good measure. Now, these might be trivial things, everyday things- trivial, small, tiny. But trust me, If every time you choose the cheaper option or what we call the economy class option rather than the VIP version, you’re telling the universe that you’re not ready for more. That you’re not confident to receive more. You’re just trying to find ways, so-called for value or trying to save your money.

(5:12-5:31) So we try to make things difficult for ourselves because we are reluctant to pay the money for the right solution that can solve in minutes. And we think that we should do it ourselves or deep down we don’t believe that we deserve the very best yet.

10 Examples

(5:50-6:03) In your business and career, try to do everything yourself from websites to PR, paying bits and pieces of money for piecemealing solutions together that don’t quite work.

(6:05-6:14) Being reluctant to higher help or outsource or delegate, because we’re just too busy and besides nobody can do it like me.

(6:16-6:26) Sticking with the web designer or graphic designer that doesn’t work for you anymore because you feel bad about leaving or asking for what do you really want.

(6:29-6:56) Waiting to get a new laptop, iPad, iPhone because you can’t justify the expenses yet or you don’t feel ready for the best equipment. Or maybe someone is telling you you shouldn’t spend your money on an iMac 2020 latest version because the earlier version just before the new version is released is going to be way much cheaper.

(6:58-7:13) Having sub-standard hate shots, business cards, websites, and being too embarrassed to send them to potential clients. Not having a dedicated space for your business for the fear of inconveniencing other people.

(7:15-7:34) Using a very lousy chair that doesn’t help you with your posture. Doesn’t allow you to sit longer hours in comfort and then pay and spend a fortune in going to chiropractic or going for Tui Na or Tie ta.

(7:36-7:49) Life in general. Skipping lunch or feeding yourself with leftovers. Feeling terrible as a mother for putting your kids in Daycare just to get some “me time” to work on your business.

(7:50-8:06) Feeling guilty about getting a babysitter or a part-time cleaner in, but getting frustrated with the messy house and spending your Saturday’s and Sunday’s cleaning or fighting with your partner about whose turn is it to clean the toilet.

(8:08-8:14) Being loyal to a hair or beauty person even if you aren’t happy with the service anymore.

(8:16-8:24) Resenting your partner because they always seem to buy new clothes, new shoes, when they need them without feeling guilty about it.

(8:25-8:42) Putting off Health maintenance like dental, optical because you’re scared of the cost. Wearing outdated clothes or glasses or feel like laser is something that other people do, but not you.

(8:45-9:34) So all these things I’ve just mentioned, where in your life and business are you trying or are you at today honestly? I mean the good news is every time you choose the VIP option, every time you choose to honor yourself, to love yourself, to take care of yourself first, and you take care of your time first, and let’s face it, your mental health. The universe rewards you. Sometimes that costs money, sometimes it’s inconvenient, and yes sometimes you will feel guilty. But you know what my dear? Take action. Pick one thing in your day-to-day life that is causing you unnecessary waste of energy and immediately upgrade it.

(10:07-10:25) I know that I love myself, and I set myself free. And this is my time and I’m ready for the next step. And for you, if you’re feeling tired, you’re feeling frustrated with your not enough time, not enough freedom, book in the Virtual Assistant. Delegate. Outsource.

(10:36-10:51) Go to https://www.instanttribeleader.com/ . Go grab those project kits on how to hire a virtual assistant. What is the systems and process you can set up, what are the things you can do with your VA. All the project kits and workbooks are there ready for you.

(11:02-11:14) And for you who has not even thinking about updating your branding shots, you just want to save money. You know what? Lock in the new date for those headshots. Go for it.

(11:15-11:42) Go through your closet, and really put away or give away those things that is really economy. Then it will have a huge impact in your manifesting ability, your ability to receive because you are subconsciously telling yourself that, “Yes! This is my time and I’m ready for the next step.” And you are showing the universe that you are worth more than that and you will be rewarded for it.

(11:45-11:57) We all have a part to play in this. This is your time and you are ready for the next step. The more you take action in a consistent way the faster you build momentum and really grow your business.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Try to do everything yourself.
  2. Delegate.
  3. Outsource.
  4. Choose to love yourself first.
  5. Upgrade and take action.

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