104: What You Can Do When The Law Of Attraction Is Not Working For You


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What You Can Do When The Law Of Attraction Is Not Working For You

Welcome to today’s episode with Genecia Alluora. Author of two best-selling books, Make It happen and Personal Branding Secrets. Former Ms. Singapore, cafe retail chain owner, Southeast Asia Woman of Excellence 2010, and International Progressive Woman 2019. She is also the founder of Soul Rich Woman.

“In today’s episode, I wanna talk about what to do when the law of attraction isn’t working for you.”

Law of Attraction

(1:25-1:33) When I first came across the law of attraction very much earlier in my career, it’s really very very exciting.

(1:40-1:52) So you think,” Oh my god! How could this be possibly true? Can I just really ask for something and get it, Genecia? This is amazing.

(1:53-1:56) You see you can set goals, make a dream board, and wait.

(1:58-2:20) And you feel like you’ve done everything right because you pasted all the photos, the images, the car you want, the house you want, the husband you want, the money you want. And so you get really pissed off because nothing happens, right? So you said to the universe, ” Hello, why Universe, you’re not giving me, where’s all the things I asked for on my dream board?

(2:23- 2:31) I had someone ask me for advice recently, and she was confused about how this works. She love following our podcast show.

(2:38-2:54) And she was incredibly frustrated. She’s like, “Genecia, I’m really panicking. I have no money in my bank account right now and I’ve got three big bills to pay this month. What am I supposed to do?

(2:55-3:15) So I say, “To start with, stop feeling bad and scared about it. It will only make it worse. So even though you’re worried, start by, first, affirming that everything will be okay. Two, visualizing you paying the bills easily. Three, feel the feeling of being so taken care of by the Universe.”

(3:16-3:34) And she said, “ You don’t understand what I’m saying. How am I supposed to do that when no money in my bank account? It’s true! Everything that you’re saying is lovely, Genecia. But in reality, there is nothing there in my bank account.

(3:36-3:46) So you see, negative affirmations are just as powerful as the positive ones. When you say, “I have no money, I’m broke.”

(3:55-4:07) You will only perpetuate the feelings of fear and anxiety. Which will probably attract even more bills and unexpected expenditure.

(4:08-4:15) And the funny part about the situation was that she couldn’t see the pattern. Of course, I mean because I am the mentor, right?

(4:19-4:29) But then again, after communicating with her, she still couldn’t see it. So she was constantly experiencing this feeling of having no money.

(4:35-4:45) And she was unwilling to look inside and change. I told her to stay positive and to affirm that something would come up.

(4:47-4:55) And it did. Someone eventually did give her money out of the blue, and she was saved that very month.

(4:57-5:16) Then the horror story came. The next month she wrote to me again and said, “Genecia, I did another Law of attraction experiment like you said and asked for $2000 to show up today, and it didn’t. Why?

(5:44-5:53) But you know what, there is a process here. It’s not always going to show up instantly if you’re not willing to do the inner work involved.

(5:55-6:16) It’s really so much fun when things manifest instantly. But most of the time, there is a time lag, and there’s no way of knowing how long. Why? Because imagine between us and our dream and the things we want to manifest, there’s so many blocks in between.

(6:20-6:38) The faster you want to manifest something, it only makes sense if you clear or de-trash your garbage, the clutter, in your life. Especially in your mind. Because we are not truly aligned to what we want and we have to do some emotional or physical decluttering. It can be symbolic.

(6:43-7:01) To let the Universe do its job. We may have to look at self-beliefs that we have around money or take stock of some of our bad habits. Most people can’t be bothered and they just wanted instant solution and find a magical fairy.

(7:05-7:17) And not do any work towards it or change their behavior in any way. And to make matters worse, they will keep complaining and whining and they love to blame people.

(7:19-7:27) Because you know what? My law of attraction method didn’t work for her. The Soul Rich Woman blueprint didn’t work for her because she’s complaining, she’s not willing to do the inner work.

(7:29-7:33) “It’s somebody else’s fault!” And they are always blaming someone else.

(7:34-8:06) If you have done some emotional decluttering. They are very clear, and you’re very clear on your goals and you are taking some actions every day, then your desire, your dream, your goals will show up eventually. However, it is incredibly important during the time length to remain totally aligned to the feeling of the outcome. It will be hard to be open to new opportunities and possibilities if you are worried and stressed.

(8:11-8:25) You have to feel it before you have it. And that can be very tough for some people. When you allow doubt and resistance to come in, you will actually block your natural flow and ease to receive abundance.

(8:40-8:53) Trust me. You can learn to be lucky, to be able to attract the F-word into your life- Fabulous, Freedom, Financial Independence, and happily; easily and effortlessly.

(8:54-9:04) The trick is to master the Soul Rich Woman Blueprint, to stay positive even when your reality is temporarily something totally different.

(10:19-10:27) I just wanna say this, “Believe it before you see it, I guarantee it. Your stuff is on its way”.

Key Takeaways:
1. You have to feel it before you have it.

2. Believe it before you see it.

3. Be clear on your goals.

4. Stay positive.

5. Don’t perpetuate the feelings of fear.

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