93: Quit Your 9 to 5 Job With Confidence And Invest In Yourself With Janet Aisyah Quek


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FWEP00093 Quit Your 9 to 5 Job With Confidence And Invest In Yourself With Janet Aisyah Quek

Today we have a special guest. Her name is Janet Aisyah Quek. She is a corporate narrative employee with more than 25 years of experience in HR Asia-Pacific Region. And today she’s here to share with you her results and her journey of launching two years. I would say, the second year of her podcast show that has been batched because she is busy at work so we helped her to batch out her content and launch her second season of her show. So she’s here today to share with you her journey and her thoughts about the entire experience. I hope there’s something for you to think about on how you are creating your content, how you’re launching consistently, and be amazing! Remember you have a diamond that is within you and you deserve to shine.

Launching the Podcast Season 2

(02:05-3:08) Launching the Podcast Season 2 embetter my life instantly in 2020. I truly agree that our podcast is not only about building online presents but most importantly online credibility and recognition by showing up consistently. I have been “hey hunted more than ten times directly from companies and recruiters in three months from Asia-Pacific, US, and Europe. Even in this Covid19 situation, I realized that my message has embetter more people than I ever thought it could now. We have listeners and followers in nine countries in just 3 months. After awarded platinum instant podcast leader, I have garnered more than a hundred likes in social media in one post and some friends commented that now I am like a queen and I have drawn attention to new connections who are keen to know what I am doing and how podcasts can help them.

(03:24-3:47) My children are now used to me doing my work as podcast host, though knowing that I have left my corporate job. Initially, my youngest son told me that doing podcasts is not working, but I have to explain to him how this will help me in my business. To bring my business online and also help me be seen as a leader online.

(04:07-5:13) I was given an opportunity to share a National Achiever Congress Virtual Global Platform with my Mentor Genecia and my podcast coach Joanne Lee. I have done more than 14 times facebook live in 2 months. This was not possible if I had not started my instant podcast leader show on Women Leadership. It has helped me to set a routine though I am not working and I have to do this recording from home. I get to learn about setting my mental state of mind and getting myself into the momentum to do my podcast recording. That is where I was able to complete my 2 years of podcast content in less than three months. As I keep the momentum to complete the season 2, I am able to think on the spot. Whatever topic that came to my mind and also the content is free-flow and because I have the proven structure system and process that I followed through from Season 1 to Season 2. This is possible that I am able to do it.

(5:16-5:29) When I got to start the podcast Season 2, I was not sure that this is something that I want to continue or just wait to see what results I have after launching Season 2 over a year before embarking on my Season 2.

(05:44-5:57) I realized that time flies so fast and it has been 9 months since I quit my last job. So I decided to use this time to continue Season 2 so that I will have 2 years ahead of content.

(06:06-07:01) And I saw how my Season 1 has helped me to get least inquiries and my first two sweet clients. I do not have any income since August 2019 as I left my corporate job to care for my late mom before she passed on late November 2019. I will be spending on my savings which meant to last longer should I not able to get a suitable job. And I had to cut down on other expenses during this time to continue to invest in myself and prepare myself. And then I thought that I really want to achieve my dream. Since I have been a corporate for more than 25 years, I want to achieve my dream as to be an online entrepreneur. And that is where I decided to continue to invest in myself even though I’m not working.

(07:04-7:24) When I realized that I can actually earn more the moment I have built my reputation online by showing up and having my voice heard. People will come to know who I am and what I stand for. People will start to support me, to trust me, just like Hey Hunters who approached me instead of me going to them.

(07:41-7:45) Before, I can’t even see any income coming in.

(09:03-9:18) Genecia and Joanne explained to me that they will support and guide me to do it online. I just need to follow what they need me to do. Having the whole Soul Rich Women team put me at ease knowing that I just have to focus on my script and they do the rest.

(09:29-9:42) As I’m not sure if I have enough topics to share in Season 2, my mentors, Genecia, spent time with me to draw out my experience and content and guided me to position myself with the topics I could share.

(10:04-10:26) Another issue I have was time. Even though I'm not working at the moment, I have to juggle when my helper had to go back to Manila to attend to her family due to an emergency matter. So I had to attend to my children, household, and cooking during that period of time when I was embarking on Season 2.

(11:01-11:08) On top of all those issues, I have fears on the outcome if I will be repeating myself in some of the topics.

(11:13-11:22) but because it has been my dream to reach out to my first 10,000 audience in 3 years, so I need to continue to build my content and keep me going.

(11:31-11:41) Podcast is a marketing vehicle that can be used again and again for life and it is also a legacy that I can leave for my children and grandchildren.

(11:59-12:16) Understanding that my intention is to share and inspire and not to criticize or destroy other people's lives. It gave me the courage to continue despite the hard work and for me to continue my Season 2 Podcast Recording.

(13:22-13:36) I have been getting attention on some responses that they see me as an expert in podcast leader online in Social Media and even refer someone to me to learn from me and to get to know how to do this podcast show.

(13:38-14:01) Having launched Season 2, I am also anxious about what will happen next. Somehow I’m looking forward to launching Season 3 with a new level of perspectives and new learning in the next phase. By going back to understanding my intentions and remind myself why I started, this will be about doing something positive for me and for others.

(14:09-14:38) So having your family and friends to support you in what you are doing, and giving you the understanding of your journey you wish to embark on is already a great encouragement. Not to mention that having the Soul Rich Woman Team is the Rocket Launcher. Knowing that you have people behind you who will look after your best interest and following up on you so that you don't fall to the little voices that inside your head.

(14:51-14:58) The Soul Rich Woman team makes you feel you are family and that they got your back every step of the way.

(15:25-15:39) When we raise our voices together, the world’s women power comes more than just a phrase. It becomes a movement. Know that your dreams are valid. And on your path, you are never denied and only be directed.

(15:41-15:42) Let your voice be heard! It’s time

Key Takeaways:

  1. It is more important to do it now than doing it later.
  2. Just keep going.
  3. You have to stay focused.
  4. Always remind yourself why you first started.
  5. No matter how good you are, you need a team that will support and guide you.

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