Will You Regret Buying A House? (Methodology)


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Home prices are at an all-time high; this isn't news at this point. Regardless of the market, people are always going to need a place to live, but as the supply dwindles, how can consumers navigate the homebuying process without overpaying? Homeownership and real estate are foundational for wealth-building in this country, and buyers should feel happy after purchasing their home. But over-leveraging yourself through bidding wars and appraisal gaps, in the beginning, could compromise your financial stability in the future if the market corrects or you're in a position where you need to sell. Regret shouldn't be something you feel when you're in the living room of your home, but if you buy an under-market deal and put a little sweat equity into it, you can ward off buyer's remorse while you watch your equity grow.
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Buyers Regret Isn't Plaguing Most Recent Purchasers
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