#9 The Holodomor and Andrei Chikatilo


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The Holodomor: Also known as the Terror Famine. A man made famine by Soviet Russia, more specifically, Joseph Stalin, against the Ukrainian people to starve them out of existence.
Out of the madness and in the midst of the Holodomor was born another atrocity that would plague the Ukrainian populous for years to come. The birth of a beast known by the name Andrei Chikatilo, born October 16th, 1936. By far, one of the most notorious Soviet serial killers that had a murderous spree of over 12 years. Known as the Rostov Ripper, The Red Ripper and the Butcher of Rostov. Chikatilo travels the countryside sexually assaulting, mutilating and killing as many as 56 victims on a twelve year long spree, on this episode of Fun Time Horror Show.

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