Episode 85 - 5 Characteristics to Live an Optimal Life


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In this episode, I cover a list of 5 ways to live an optimal life that stems from a combination of all my interviews and research. This list might not seem groundbreaking but when applied, these actions can put you on a path to living a substantially better quality of life.

1. Sleep More/Better - Create a sleep environment that is cooler (60-68 degrees), and darker (night shades and no blue light from your phone/computer).

2. Move More (Avoid being sedentary) - Walk, Lift, Sprint. Try not to stay sitting for more than 20 minutes.

3. Reduce Stress - Meditate, Yoga, Breathwork. My wife and I have been implementing nightly meditation before bed and it's a great way to reduce stress while helping get to sleep sooner.

4. Be Social - Talk instead of text and find ways to engage in your local community and/or your family.

5. Eat Whole Foods - Eat Wild Salmon, Grass Fed Meat/Organs, Organic Veggies, Seasonal Fruits, Tubers, and on occasion potatoes...etc... Avoid refined sugars, carbs and veggie oils.

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