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On this episode of the GRRRL Talk podcast, Kortney and Tahverlee discuss GRRRL’s new signature program, Self Love Success Academy. A rebrand of Kortney’s teen program, Kamp Konfidence, Self Love Academy seeks to teach women tangible ways that they can change their life and how they feel about themselves.

Growing up, Kortney wanted to be the first female president of the United States. She was associate student body president, captain of the cheerleading squad, and was a model student with a 4.0 GPA and a plan to attend Stanford University. Then, some of her friends started smoking methamphetamine and everything changed. What began as an experiment turned into a 10-year battle with substance abuse and a radical departure from the life that she had imagined for herself.

Bodybuilding was a way out. After years of setbacks, Kortney discovered the muscle fetish industry and found that there was a large group of men who were not interested in the ‘ideal’ body type. She had been lied to. Kortney’s eyes were opened to the syndication and power of the media when a widely published article about her ‘fetish porn star past’ led to her rejection from the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program. Instead of being a victim, she decided to create Kamp Konfidence based on her own struggles to teach girls lessons and principles that lead to the development of self love. Once they accept themselves, they can stop seeing each other as competition and work together to reach their goals.

While developing the program, Kortney watched the documentary, ‘Killing us Softly,’ by Jean Kilbourne to learn more about the devastating effects of advertising on women. She discovered how unrealistic images and misdirection are common tools of the media, and the importance of viewing multiple sources in order to find the truth. These messages are powerful because they are often subliminal.

Over time, Kortney realized that once girls left Kamp Konfidence, things would unravel because they no longer had a support system in place. GRRRL was launched to expand this platform, and the program retooled to help women empower themselves and find success. Self Love Academy is a free 4-week course tailored to all learning styles and ages. It includes numerous activities and videos, with a focus on creating a daily gratitude list for personal affirmation. New this year, the GRRRL 20:20 Project is a series of initiatives that extend these ideas and seek to create lasting change in our society.

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