Why Didn’t Other Countries Help Fight Against Voldemort and the Death Eaters? (5 Theories)


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Welcome to Harry Potter Theory. Today, we’re discussing Voldemort, the wizarding war, and the magical community in the REST of the world.

Voldemort was, perhaps, the most powerful dark wizard in the history of the wizarding world…

He possessed an almost unbound mastery of magic. In one on one combat, he was able to effortlessly slice an opponent’s throat without uttering a word, and when his own mortality was put to test, he could evade death time and time again.

So… if Voldemort was such a menace, why didn’t other heroic wizards and witches from the international wizarding community volunteer to help fight against him?

During that final, terrifying year of the Second Wizarding war, why didn’t any other countries try to help?

Where were the powerful sorcerers from Mahoutokoro in Japan? Or the masters of wandless magic from Uagadou in Uganda?

There were at least eleven wizarding schools in the world at the time, and dozens of magical governments… and each one decided to leave the defense of Britain to a teenager named Harry Potter, and his terrified… and traumatized… classmates.

Why didn’t anyone else help?

Well, today, we’re going to try to answer these questions, and more…

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