If You've Taken The Vaccine, Or Even If You Haven't, Health Begins Here


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So let's talk a little bit about the ingredients that are in these vaccines. First of all, we know that they are about 99% graphene oxide, and that goes for all the vaccines nowadays. And I'm afraid that they're going to actually make any inoculation an mRNA shot from now on. They seem to have really gotten away with what they're doing. So I just don't trust not a one of them.
Dr. Carrie Madej showed us that there are these little hydra like creatures in there. So, graphene oxide, parasites, there's steel of some type, there's nickel, there's different heavy metals in the vaccines. We've been over this. so I'm just going to categorize that. We've seen the microscopic images of these little things that look like circuits that self aggregate and form squares and rectangles and things that look like microchips and computer technology. It's just stunning what we have seen and none of it is being reported on the mainstream and the vaccine campaigns continue unabated.

So anyway, to talk a little bit about graphene oxide, it's very important to know that graphene oxide absorbs radiation in your body and can transmit it to others around you. So the people that say that they have COVID actually have acute radiation syndrome. They're all exactly the same, COVID and acute radiation syndrome.

This is a time release technology, meaning the lipid nanoparticles can be controlled to release their payload in a month, a year or whenever.

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