Live Hostage Negotiation Role Play with Chris Voss


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In this episode of the Impact School podcast, host Lauren Tickner interviews Chris Voss. Chris Voss is best known for his work as the lead hostage negotiator for the FBI and writing the bestselling book “Never Split The Difference”. Lauren and Chris are going to share how you can ensure that you always get the outcome you want, or better.

The negotiation skills you’re going to learn in this episode are going to help you make more money, grow your business, broker bigger deals, and improve the quality of your life overall.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

>> Some of the key lessons Chris Voss has learned from his experience as an FBI hostage negotiator

>> Lauren’s live hostage negotiation role play with Chris

>> How you can practice your tonality in order to close more sales over the phone

>> How you can overcome objections on sales calls by understanding the foundational concepts of negotiation and psychology

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Here’s a preview of the episode:

(02:50) Chris shares a story about a time that he didn’t get the outcome he wanted during a hostage negotiation and what he learned from that failure

(06:15) The importance of understanding the foundational principles of negotiation and not just negotiation tactics

(07:20) What content would Chris add to his book, “Never Split The Difference”, if he were to write it again today?

(12:45) Chris shares 2 of the most important questions you need to ask on sales calls

(17:00) How Lauren trains her sales team to effectively use doubt when negotiating with prospects

(18:00) Chris shares how you can practice your tonality in order to close more sales calls

(20:40) How does Chris stay calm when making high stakes calls and negotiations?

(22:40) How to keep your negotiation skills sharp through teaching and role play

(25:00) Lauren and Chris go through a hostage negotiation role play

(37:30) 3 strategies that you can use to negotiate more effectively

(40:50) Chris Voss - “In any business deal, getting a yes means nothing without a how

(45:05) Lauren and Chris role play a sales call - how to overcome objections on a sale call when your prospect says they aren’t able to invest in your offer

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