E56 - Reimagining Corporate Healthcare w/Plum's Abhishek Poddar


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In this Episode, I (@Jivraj Singh Sachar) speak with Abhishek Poddar, Co-Founder & CEO of Plum.

Plum is reimagining corporate healthcare in India by providing high quality health insurance at affordable prices to thousands of startups and corporates in the country. Abhishek, the Co-Founder & CEO of Plum, has had a diverse range of experiences from Consulting to Product at large institutions such as McKinsey & Google, along with starting companies prior to Plum.

Through the Episode we discuss the following:

1. (01:44) : How is lack of knowledge & experience an advantage when disrupting a market? ~ the importance of the Beginner's Mindset

2. (06:10) : Abhishek's career trajectory of moving from IIT-Kanpur --> McKinsey --> Stanford GSB --> Google --> HyperTrack --> Plum

3. (11:14) : What is Employee Wellbeing and what are the evident problems in corporate healthcare?

4. (16:07) : Who is Plum serving & how has their consumer journey evolved in the last 12-18 months?

5. (22:05) : Why the North Star Metric Matters & How do you optimise as a team for it?

6. (26:04) : What are some metrics beyond the top-line to track for ?

7. (29:06) : What's the road ahead for Plum in terms of the larger vision of solving for corporate healthcare?

8. (34:35) : How does the Culture at Plum get shaped owing to their core offering itself?

9. (40:35) : What keeps Abhishek curious & where does he derive his love to build?

10. (44:41) : The Top 3 Learnings for Entrepreneurs through Abhishek's Lens

11. (47:39) : Conclusion

Here is the 56th Episode of the Indian Silicon Valley Podcast - Reimagining Corporate Healthcare

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