101: Unholy Alliance: Governments & Central Banks


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The government overspends by trillions of dollars every year - how can we get out of this mess?

Ryan Miller, host of Making Billions interviews Jason Hartman who tells listeners how they can benefit from this massive inflation and offers suggestions on how the government can get out of debt.

Key Takeaways:

0:00 Jason Hartman is in the hot seat today, interviewed by Ryan Miller, host of Making Billions

2:01 Helping investors buy properties nationwide

4:27 Double Inflation Arbitrage

8:07 The unholy alliance between governments and central banks

10:10 The Hartman Comparison Index

11:50 Jason is short on the dollar

14:32 The government has spent into oblivion

17:17 Can we innovate ourselves out of debt?

19:47 Inflating the currency

22:31 Inflation is the most powerful method of wealth redistribution

25:27 Using inflation to your advantage

30:53 Delegating your debt to someone else

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