LUYC 105: Decoding YouTube for Business with Philip VanDusen


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What’s up everyone! Today’s episode is a little different. I’m joined by Philip VanDusen, designer, founder of Verhaal Brand Design, and host of brand•muse Interviews. He’s here to share his story and some awesome insight into using YouTube as a marketing channel to grow your business.

You have to very quickly start opening yourself up to the feedback of your viewers.

Philip came from the corporate world where he worked as the Head of Design for massive companies like PepsiCo. After building a business with a partner, he eventually dropped everything to pursue his passion for branding and design on his own terms. He has over 20 years’ experience in strategic branding, graphic design, and creative leadership for some of the world’s most successful businesses. He’s also an expert as using YouTube to build relationships and create valuable content for his audience.

Join us to hear how Philip transitioned into the entrepreneurial arena, how to use YouTube to grow your business, and some tips for course creators wanting to start a YouTube channel. Let’s get started!

Episode Quotes
"Fear is the enemy."
"The interesting thing about branding and design is it's only a matter of scale."
"A great career is more like a web than a ladder." - Paul Pressler
"Design is a visual medium you need to show it."
"You have to very quickly start opening yourself up to the feedback of your viewers."
“Design is a visual medium… if you can’t show it, it’s meaningless.”

Listen to Learn
00:59 Getting to know Philip VanDusen, Rapid 5 Questions
06:05 Philip's entrepreneurial journey
12:01 What did it feel like waking up and saying, "I don't want to do this anymore"?
15:01 How Philip translated his corporate experience to an entrepreneurial experience
18:09 Benefits of being in the corporate world before becoming an entrepreneur
19:23 Insights that Philip received from Paul Pressler
20:57 How Philip got into YouTube
27:57 How to overcome the challenges of starting a YouTube channel
30:48 The importance of listening to and building relationships with your audience
33:40 Pros of using YouTube in relationship building
35:00 How YouTube channel affected Philip's business
37:24 The power of consistency in your business
41:53 Pros of having different content formats for your channel
46:50 Philip's advice for course creators on how to use YouTube
50:03 Exciting things coming up from Philip, website link

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