LUYC 110: Organize Your Learning for Better Productivity with Tiago Forte


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Hey everybody! Welcome back to our usual programming. I’m joined today by Tiago Forte, writer, productivity expert, and founder of Forte Labs. He’s here to share how he got into optimizing productivity and learning, and how he created his course, Building a Second Brain.

Expanding the number of things you can pay attention to and you can manage expands your capacity for life

Prior to creating online courses, Tiago has worked in microfinance, served in the Peace Corps, and consulted for large companies on product development. He has spent more than 10 years researching, developing, and teaching the practices of Idea Management to professionals. His online course, Building a Second Brain, is helping people around the world save their best ideas and organize their learning by providing the necessary system and approach to reliably produce creative outputs.

Stay tuned as Tiago shares his business journey, his course, and tips on how to productively manage information. Let’s get started!

Episode Quotes

"Information is the building blocks of reality for the modern world."

"It was the actual beliefs in myself and what I was doing that led me to create Building a Second Brain."

"Your brain is your bottleneck."

"Our work can’t be just a means of putting food on the table; it can be a journey of personal transformation."

Listen to Learn

0:56 - Getting to know Tiago Forte, Rapid 5 Questions

5:08 - Tiago's entrepreneurial journey

9:17 - Importance of capturing information and how to productively manage it

16:20 - What is a 'project'?

21:34 - Building a Second Brain - Who it’s for and learner’s outcome

24:30 - Building a Second Brain - Course structure

27:12 - How Tiago created and launched Building a Second Brain

33:49 - How to be resilient from failures

41:54 - Transformation stories of students taking the course

44:15 - Exciting things coming up from Tiago

Join us in the bonus segment! It’s a great conversation about information management, and the systems you need to skyrocket your productivity.

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