LUYC 125: Get Stronger with Python with Reuven Lerner


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What’s up everyone! This week’s guest is Reuven Lerner, full-time Python trainer, computer scientist, and author of Python Workout.

If you are doing courses because you have expertise and enjoy sharing it with other people, let that show.

Reuven teaches developers and corporate engineers around the world to become fluent in Python. In his corporate training, he serves top tier tech companies like Apple, Cisco, IBM, and Intel, but he also offers Weekly Python Exercises, a set of 15-week courses to help learners become better Python developers. His online video courses consist of hands-on labs that empower his students to understand Python at a deeper level.

Tune in to hear Reuven’s Python journey, plus how he creates engaging online trainings, creates his evergreen newsletters, and drives traffic to his website. Let’s dig in!

Episode Quotes

"There's a bunch of different ways to drive website traffic, so it's important not to put all of your eggs in one basket."

"Narrowing down the service offerings on my website has been more effective."

"If you are doing courses because you have expertise and enjoy sharing it with other people, let that show."

"Informality is no longer seen as a bad thing, so be yourself and keep experimenting."

Listen to Learn

01:28 - Rapid 5 Questions, Reuven's business journey

10:45 - Converting in-person to online training

14:40 - Tips for creating engaging online training

18:24 - How to build an evergreen newsletter

22:26 - Ways to increase website traffic

26:37 - Sales funnel and lead nurturing

29:25 - Importance of a customer-centric website

34:47 - The power of online courses during COVID-19 crisis

41:10 - Advice for online course creators

42:22 - Exciting things coming up from Reuven

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Check out Reuven’s free courses, Ace Python Interviews and Python for Non-Programmers.

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