LUYC 129: Is YouTube Worth it for Course Creators?


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Hey family! I hope you are doing well. This week, we’re talking about another growth strategy: YOUTUBE.

It actually took me six months to launch my YouTube channel. It wasn’t that it’s especially difficult, but I procrastinated. I found that I was stuck because of my own negative thoughts surrounding doing things that I’m not comfortable with. I mean, I’m really comfortable doing podcasts, but definitely not YouTube.

There are things we procrastinate on because of this resistance within ourselves. I realized that the key to getting unstuck is taking time to reflect, acknowledging the negative loops, and acting anyway.

Tune in to hear my YouTube experience, my advice for starting on YouTube from scratch, beginner tips, and DOs and DON’Ts.

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Episode Quotes

"It's not about the procrastination, it's about why are you procrastinating."

"Procrastination is a symptom of something that we are resisting."

"Video is a great way to connect with your audience and grow your business."

"YouTube is great for discovery, authority, and list building."

"YouTube is all about optimizing and improving over time."

Listen to Learn

01:56 - Recap on guest posting

02:45 - Procrastination and patterns

08:21 - My A-ha! moment

11:19 - Pros and cons of video content

12:42 - Why video on YouTube

16:34 - My YouTube experience and beginner tips

23:27 - YouTube DOs and DON’Ts

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Episode 129

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